Tick Treatment For Dogs

All the pet owners in the world would agree that pets for them are not only animals but also a member who completes the family. Many people have loyal pet dogs not only because dogs protect their homes at night while they sleep but also because they love their pets dearly as they are their sole companions, their best friend who loves them unconditionally.

And when the time comes that your pet is in need of help, it’s just right to do so. Common to most dogs, tick infestation is something pet owners constantly battles. With that in mind, learning effective tick treatment for dogs is a must. Proven and effective tick treatments for dogs are as follows.

About Various Tick Treatment For Dogs

  • What is the best flea and tick treatment for dogs? Is it using chemical and drugs? No. Using practical and drug free methods will be much more effective like putting your dog under constant inspection and keeping your dog away from these parasites while taking it out for a walk.
  • There are other methods of tick treatment for dogs like combing your pet dog regularly searching for ticks or even using tweezers to remove any ticks that are found.
  • Applying some petroleum jelly over the comb to fish out ticks is not recommended. This might sound like a promising tick treatment for dogs but it isn’t. Ticks are harder to pull out than that plus you are just making your dog uncomfortable by warming your dog up.
  • Swabbing the cut made by the tick with alcohol soaked cotton is not really a necessary part of tick treatment for dogs. It will just produce pain for your dog.
  • Killing the ticks found is crucial. You can do so by using a bottle or jar with alcohol. Simply drown the ticks in the jar or bottle.
  • Sometimes dog owners also use tick repellent on their pets. But be aware to use them behind their ears, backs and even between their nails.

These are some of the proven effective methods of tick treatment for dogs which are not only restricted to dogs but these are effective tick treatment puppies as well. Two of the known best tick treatment for dogs today is the K9 Advantix and another medicine called Revolution. The two liquids that can keep ticks away and even kill them if applied properly. Tick treatment for dogs has various such options. K9 not only removes ticks but also makes sure that dogs are never affected by ticks.